Viewing Questions in a Question Pool

This guide will demonstrate how to view questions in a Question Pool.

Accessing your Assessment

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course Content with Assessment Link outlined.

Access your Blackboard Learn Ultra Course site and locate your assessment. Click on the assessment title to view the assessment.

Viewing Questions in a Question Pool

Image of question pool within an assessment with an arrow pointing to the View Questions link.

Locate the question pool you wish to view and click the View Questions link.

Editing, Deleting, and Adding Questions

image showing questions within a question pool with the following items: 1. menu icon for question. 2. Edit/regrade option 3. remove from pool option. 4. Add question button in upper right hand corner of page.

You will now see a list of questions contained in the question pool. You can edit or remove individual questions, or add new questions to the question pool.

  1. Click on the [ยทยทยท] button To access the menu for a question.
  2. Edit/Regrade: Click the Edit/Regrade question option to edit the question.
  3. Remove from Pool: Select this option to remove the question from the pool.
  4. Add Question: Click the Add Question button to add additional questions to the question pool. Note: Questions can only be reused from other assessments or question banks.