Creating a Test in Blackboard Learn Ultra

This article will cover how to create a test in Blackboard Learn Ultra

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of plus sign in circle

Select the plus sign in the circle to create a test.

Image of test icon

Select Test under Assessment.

Image of test content and settings

1. Type in the title of the test.

2.  Select the drop down to make if visible to students, hidden from students, and release conditions.

3. Select the gear icon to change test settings. Or, select the blue link to change settings to Due date, Grade category Grading, Attempts allowed, Originality Report.

4. Select the plus sign in the circle to add the following:

  • Question pool
  • Calculated formula question
  • Calculated numeric question
  • Essay question
  • Fill in the blank question
  • Hotspot question
  • Matching question
  • Multiple choice question
  • True/False question
  • Reuse questions
  • Test
  • Local File
  • Page Break

5. Select the check arrow to allow students to add content at the end of the assessment.

Image of creating multiple choice question

1. Select Extra Credit for extra credit. Or, select points to edit points per question.

2. Type in the question.

3. Type in the answers and select the correct answer.

4. Select for Automated Feedback.

5. Select Save when finished.