Viewing Student Progress Reports

This guide demonstrates how to view progress reports for individual students in your Blackboard Learn Ultra course.

Accessing Student Progress Reports

Image of the student analytics screen showing the following items: 1. Analytics link 2. Course Activity Link 3. Student Names

To access progress reports for your students in your course:

  1. From your Ultra course home page, click on the Analytics tab.
  2. Click on Course Activity
  3. Click on the name of the student you wish to view a report for.

Viewing Student Progress Reports

Image of the individual student's progress report.

To view progress for the selected student:

  1. Click on Progress
  2. Use the dropdown menu to toggle items visible to students or all content items.

The student's progress status will appear on this page.

  • An empty circle indicates the student has not opened the item
  • A half-filled circle indicates that the student has opened but not submitted the item.
  • A green checkmark will appear for completed and graded items.