Sign Up for Blackboards Anthology Idea Exchange

This article will cover Blackboards Anthology Idea Exchange which is a hub where faculty can share, discover, and refine ideas for improving teaching and learning experiences.

Faculty and Staff Sign Up

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Faculty and Staff can use this link to sign up for Blackboards Anthology Idea Exchange.

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1. Enter an email address.

2. Enter a first name.

3. Enter a last name.

4. Select Register.

Once signed up to Anthology Idea Exchange, faculty will receive email notifications on updates to submissions and ideas that have been voted on.


Key Features:

  1. Idea Submission: Share your innovative teaching strategies, best practices, and suggestions with colleagues across the globe. Your ideas can inspire others and spark meaningful conversations.
  2. Voting and Commenting: Engage with your peers by voting for ideas you find most valuable and providing constructive feedback. Your input helps prioritize the most impactful ideas.
  3. Implementation Stories: Learn from real-life stories of how ideas were successfully implemented in various educational settings. Gain insights and inspiration for your own teaching practices.
  4. Resource Library: Access a wealth of resources, including articles, videos, and research papers, to deepen your understanding of effective teaching methodologies and technologies.
  5. Community Discussions: Participate in discussions on topics ranging from pedagogy to technology integration. Connect with educators who share your interests and challenges.
  6. Professional Development Opportunities: Discover workshops, webinars, and conferences that can enhance your teaching skills and keep you updated with the latest trends in education.

Your ideas can make a difference!

Have an idea and do not want to sign up, send an email with your idea to [email protected] and an Educational Technologist will submit one for you!

Success Stories

Blackboard has successfully implemented our ideas with the new  Blackboard Ultra Course View (UCV), demonstrating their commitment to  listening to our feedback.

  • Make 11:59pm default due date time.
  • Adding the Observer role to UCV.
  • Grade by question type.
  • Download assignment original files.
  • Better navigation with multiple file submissions.
  • Bring back grade complete/incomplete that shows checkmark.