Allow Students to Create Discussions Topics

In this article, instructors can allow students to create discussion topics.

This information is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of discussion tab

1. Once in the course, select the Discussions tab.

2. Select the gear icon for settings.

Image of discussion settings

1. Select the check box to allow students to create discussion topics.

2. Select Save.

The students will now have the ability to create discussion topics.

View and Manage Student Discussion Post

Image of discussion topic

1. Title of discussion post created by a student and is a direct link to the post.

2. The discussion post will indicate that it was created by a student.

Image of elipsis for more settings

Select the elipsis, 3 dots, to edit and manage student discussion post.

Edit Student Discussion Post

Image of edit for more settings

Select Edit in settings to edit student discussion post.

Image of discussion settings

1. Change or update title of the discussion post.

2. Discussion post can be visible or hidden from students.

3. Edit the Discussion Topic.

4. Edit Discussion Settings.

5. Instructors can add grading options, students cannot add grading options.

6. View the creator of the discussion topic.

7. View participations of the discussion topic.

View Analytics

Image of view analytics

Instructors can view analytics on student discussion posts, View more on View Analytics.

Image of delete discussion

Instructors can select delete to delete a student discussion post.