Discussion Analytics

In this article Instructors will be able to view student analytics for discussion topics and posts.

This information is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of discussion tab

Once in the course, select the Discussions tab.

Image of elipsis for more settings

Select the elipsis, 3 dots, for more settings.

Image of view analytics

Select View Analytics for student analytics.

Image of view analytics

1. View how many students participated in the discussion post.

2. View the average post per student.

3. View the average word count per post.

4. View the average discussion grade. Average discussion grade may appear as N/A if discussion has not been graded or a grade has not been set.

5. View the percentage of students who participated and opened the discussion post.

6. View students who have not participated.

7. View student responses and direct links to student responses and replies.

8. View top participants and direct links to student responses and replies.