Using the BB Annotate Tool

This guide will demonstrate how to use the BB Annotate Tool for grading student submissions. A Video overview of the tool is available here.a

BB Annotate Overview

BB Annotate offers many different options for annotating and grading student submissions online.

  1. Side Panel Viewer: Clicking on this button allows you to open the side panel, allowing you to view page thumbnails, an outline view, or a summary of all annotations
  2. Page Navigation: Use the arrows to navigate between pages, or type in a specific page number to go to that page.
  3. Hand Tool: The hand tool allows you to select existing annotations.
  4. Zoom Tools: Use the zoom tools to zoom in and out in the document
  5. Page Fit: Use the page fit button to adjust the fit of the page to the window.
  6. Drawing tools: Click this button to access the drawing annotation tools
  7. Comment: Click this button to add a comment box on the document
  8. Print: Click this button to print the document with annotations.
  9. Save: Click this button to save a copy of the document with annotations as a PDF file.
  10. Search: Click this button to search the current document.

Highlighting and annotating document text

Within a document, highlights and other annotations can be made by selecting lines of text:

  1. Select the text you want to highlight or make other annotations of
  2. Highlight: This button allows you to highlight the selected text.
  3. Strikethrough: This button allows you to strike the selected text.
  4. Underline: This button allows you to add an underline to the selected text.
  5. Ribbed underline: This button allows you to add a ribbed underline to the selected text.
  6. Comment: This button allows you to add a comment that is related to the selected text.

Using the Annotation Tools

To access the annotation tools, click on the Annotation Tools icon in the toolbar (Icon with the pen and paper)

After clicking on the Annotation Tools button, the toolbar will change to show the following tools:

  1. Drawing tool: This tool allows you to draw on the page. Additional options include the Brush tool and the Eraser tool, which allows users to remove drawings.
  2. Insert Image/Stamp: This tool allows you to insert an image on the page, or allows users to insert a stamp from the provided stamp library
  3. Text Box: Use the text box tools to create text boxes in the document.
  4. Shape tool: Use the shape tool to draw shapes in the document.

    To toggle different tools, click the triangle button next to the tool to use different tools. After you select the tool, you can change  the appearance of the annotations you create.

Modifying or Deleting Annotations

Click on the annotation you would like to modify or delete: A toolbar similar to the one above will appear at the top of the page.

  1. Click on the trashcan icon on the left to delete the selected annotation
  2. Use the options on the right to modify the appearance of the selected annotation. The options available will vary based on the type of annotation.

Adding Comments

  1. You can click on any location in the document to create a comment. The location of the comment is indicated by a speech bubble icon.
  2. Enter your comment in the text box provided.
  3. Click the Comment button to create your comment.

Deleting a Comment

To delete a comment, click on the comment you wan to delete, and click the Trashcan button to delete it.