Course Activity Stream Related to Grades

This guide will demonstrate the course activity stream report, also known as learning analytics. You can view how active your students are in your course.  

Image of activity stream

Instructors will receive alerts in the Activity Stream.

1. Review and compare students grades.

2. Shows if students are falling behind.

3. Shows if student was marked as absent.

Instructors may need to wait a couple of days as a certain level of student engagement is needed to trigger these alerts.

Image of link to student activity

The stream alert will provide a link, select the link to view the data.

Select the link that reads the student activity, if you select the link to the course title, it will open the course.

Use the Chart to View All Student Activity

Image of course activity related to grades

A broad view of students' performance in relation to each other and their activity level.

Y axis: Your student's current grades in your course are represented on the y axis.

X axis: Activity count is based on an evolving algorithm that accounts for clicks and time spent on pages.

You can press and drag to zoom into view a specific area on the chart.

Using Table View

Image of course activity related to grades in list view

Select the table view icon to view your data in rows and columns.

View data on a Specific Student

Image of selected student activity

Selecting a student under My Class will move the student up to Selected Students.

1. Selected students have been selected out of My Class (2) and moved up to Selected Students

2. Select any other students under My Class to move up to Selected Students.

3. Selected students will indicate a purple icon to receive more information.

Select the purple icon and will preview the Activity and Grade. Select View Details you'll find more details.

Image of individual student activity for hours in course

Viewing details will provide hours of activity per week.

Image of individual student activity of grades

Scroll down to view students grade details.

Image of student name and right arrow

Another option to view student details is to select the right arrow next to their name.

Download the Data

Image of download option for image or PDF

Instructors will have the option to download the data by selecting the box with the down arrow.

  • Download as an Image option will allow you to save the a .pgn image file to your computer.
  • Download as a PDF will allow you to save the .PDF file to your computer.

Manage Course Alerts

Image of course activity settings gear icon

To open the settings option, select the gear icon for settings.

Image of manage course alerts options

Instructors can edit their settings options

1. Receive a notification when a student is inactive for a set amount of days.

2. Receive a notification when a students grade falls below a certain percentage set by the instructor.

3. Keep the check box selected to send alerts to students based on the settings the instructor sets. Deselect the check box to stop alerts to students.

Students will receive these alerts in their Activity Stream

View Students Falling Behind or Absent

Image of link for student activity

Activity Stream will alert instructors if students are falling behind or not logging into Blackboard considering the student absent.

Select the link that reads the student activity, if you select the link to the course title, it will open the course.

Image of selected students and right arrow for an individual student

Blackboard will select the students that are not logging in or falling behind. Select the right arrow to find further details on a specific student.

Connect With Students Using the Calendar

Image of plot chart of  all student activity

Make and appointment: Select the calendar to schedule an appointment with students

Image of creating a calendar event

Creating an appointment will be shown on your Blackboard Calendar and the students Blackboard Calendar.

1. The course title, section, and semester will indicate which course you are in.

2. Select a start and end date.

3. Have an all day meeting or repeat the event.

4. Type in a location.

5. Add a description.

6. Save the calendar event.

Image of grades on left navigation menu and pie chart icon

Access student activity using the Grades option.

1. Select the Grades tab to the left.

2. Select the pie chart icon to enter into the Course Activity Related to Grades.