Linking to McGraw Hill SimNet LTI Advantage

This guide will demonstrate how to link your McGraw Hill SimNet course content to your Blackboard Learn course using the McGraw Hill SimNet LTI Advantage tool

This tool replaces the previous McGraw Hill SimNet Building Block integration, which will be phased out on 12/13/2023. After this date, the existing building block links will cease to function.

Prior to linking content using McGraw Hill SimNet LTI Advantage, please delete any existing McGraw Hill SimNet links in your course.

If you are copying a course, delete the McGraw Hill links in your old course, then copy your course to the new site, and then link your SimNet content using the SimNet LTI Advantage tool in your new course.

Enabling the McGraw Hill Connect LTI Advantage Tool in your Course

Image showing control panel with a numeral 1 pointing to Customization and numeral 2 pointing to Tool Availability

To link content using McGraw Hill SimNet LTI Advantage, you will need to enable the tool in your Blackboard Learn course. To enable the tool:

  1. In the Course Management menu, click on the Customization heading.
  2. Select the Tool Availability link
Screenshot of the Tool Availability page with 1. the McGraw HIll SimNet LTIA link highlighted in yellow and 2 pointing to the Submit button.
  1. In the Tool Availability list, look for McGraw Hill Connect LTIA and check the checkbox for the tool
  2. Click Submit to make the tool available in your course.

Linking your McGraw Hill SimNet Section and Content to your Course

Adding McGraw Hill Content to a Content Area

screen capture of a Blackboard Learn Course with a number 1 pointing to Build Content and a numbe 2 pointing to the McGraw HIll SimNet LTIA link in the Build Content menu

Within your course, go to the content area(s) you wish to add McGraw Hill SimNet content to.

  1. At the top of the page, click on Build Content
  2. Select McGraw Hill SimNet LTIA from the list of options.

Pairing a SimNet Section

screenshow showing confirmation of the school SimNet URL with a blue Con tinue button at the bottom.

When you first access the McGraw Hill SimNet link, you will be asked to confirm the SimNet URL and create a SimNet account using your Blackboard account. Click the Continue button to proceed.

Image of the Create SimNet course to pair with Blackboard screen, showing course, section, campus and use existing course as template field, with a blue Create Course button at the bottom.

You will then be asked to create a new SimNet course and section. If you wish to copy course from an existing SimNet course, select the SimNet course using the dropdown menu in the box labeled Use Existing Course as Template. Once you have entered the required information, click the Create Course button to proceed.

Image of successful course pairing confirmation with Go toSimNet circled in red.

You will now see a screen similar to the one above. On that screen, click the Go To SimNet button to go to your SimNet dashboard to deploy assignments to Blackboard.

Linking SimNet Content

image of the SimNet section landing page, with the Integrations option circled in red

You will now see your SimNet landing page in Blackboard. From this page, you can access your SimNet Dashboard, assignments, and gradebook. To link an assignment to the current content area in Blackboard, click on the Integrate link.

Image of the Course Integration screen in SimNet

On the integration screen, you will be presented a list of McGraw Hill SimNet items for the current course.

  1. Check the checkboxes next to the items(s) you wish to deploy to the current content area in Blackboard.
  2. Select Confirm Changes to link content.
Image of the SimNet linking confirmation screen showing a summary of changes and an arrow pointing to the Deploy to Blackboard button.

On the next screen, you will be asked to review the items to be linked or unlinked. Click on the Deploy to Blackboard button to deploy the selected items to Blackboard.


Your McGraw Hill SimNet content item will now appear in the current content area in your Blackboard Learn course.