Modifying Attendance Gradebook Settings (including Points)

This article will demonstrate how to change the total points possible for Attendance in Blackboard from the default value of 100 to a custom total number of points.

The total points possible for the Blackboard Attendance tool is for the entire semester, not per class session. Each class session created will automatically divide session possible points to contribute toward total possible points.

After enabling the Attendance tool

1. Go to the Attendance Blackboard grade column drop down arrow and

2. Select Edit Column Information

You can modify several grade details in this menu. All are optional.

1. You may enter a custom grade column name. If left blank, the default of "Attendance" will display.

2. You may enter grading details, which may be helpful if points are calculated based on participation or in-class activities.

3. You may customize total column points possible. Blackboard will automatically compute the value of each class session based on the number of them created throughout the semester. It computes as a running total.

Be sure to click SUBMIT to save your changes.