Grading Discussion Forum Posts

This lesson will demonstrate how to grade discussion forum posts made in a graded discussion forum.

Accessing the Discussion Board

Image of the Blackboard Course Menu with Discussion Board outlined with a red circle.

Log into your Blackboard course and click on the Discussion Board link in the course menu.

Accessing Discussion Forum Grading

Log into your Blackboard course and access the course discussion board.  Hover over the forum you wish to grade and click the circular button that appears next to the forum.  Select Grade from the menu.

Selecting Students To Grade

Selecting Students To Grade

You will now see a screen labeled Grade Discussion Forum Users that lists all the students participating in the discussion board. Locate the student you wish to grade and click the Grade button.

Grading a Student's Discussion Post

You will now see a screen labeled Grade Discussion Forum: (Name of student).  This screen allows you to view and grade the student's posts:

  1. All of the posts created by the selected student will appear on the left of the screen.  Instructors can also reply to any of the posts created by the student by pressing Reply.  However, the replies are public and are visible on the discussion board.
  2. Forum Statistics: The Forum Statistics on the top right of the screen shows the number of posts the student made, as well as the average length of posts, and the average post position.  A low post position indicates the student was one of the first posters.  
  3. Grade: Enter a grade for the student's post here.
  4. Feedback: Enter feedback for the student in the text box here.
  5. Grading Notes: Click on the Add Notes link to add grading notes that are only visible to the instructor.
  6. When finished, click the Submit button to save the student's grade.
  7. Use the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the screen to view and grade posts made by other students in the class.

Best Practices

Benefits for Faculty

With graded discussion boards, instructors can assess students’ ability to analyze course related topics or materials via self-reflection. Instructors can show a student where their ideas excel and where they can improve by assigning them a grade.

The instructor will find it helpful to consider the following best practices when grading discussion board entries:

Grading must be matched to learning outcomes (Quality Matters Standards 3.1 and 5.1).