Sending an Email in Blackboard

This lesson will demonstrate how to send an email to your students' UT Rockets email account from your Blackboard course.  Please note, the messages are saved in the users' email accounts and not in the Blackboard course.

Accessing the Email tool

Image of the course menu with the Email link highlighted with a red circle.

Log into your Blackboard course and click on the link labeled Email that is located in the course menu on the left side of your screen.

Sending an Email, Part 1.

Image of the Send Email menu with the All student users option highlighted with a red circle and a number 1, and Single/Select Users highlighted in green and marked with a number 2.

You will see  the Send Email tool with list of options similar to the image above.  If you wish to send an email to all students enrolled in your course, choose the item labeled All Student Users (highlighed in red and marked with a number 1).  If you wish to send an email to an individual recipient, choose Single/Select Users (highlighted in green and marked with a number 2)

Sending an Email, Part 2

Sending an Email, Part 2

If you choose Single/Select Users, you will see a screen labeled Single/Select Users:

  1. To: Select the names of the users you wish to email from the left column, and use the right arrow button to select the students. The individuals selected will then appear in the right column.
  2. Subject: Enter a subject for your email in the space marked Subject
  3. Message: Enter the contents of your message in the text editor
  4. Return Receipt: If you wish to add a return receipt, check the checkbox here.  This option will ask users to confirm that they received the message.
  5. Attachments: Click on Attach a file to send an attachment.
  6. When you are finished, click Submit.

The message will then be delivered to the students' UT email accounts.