Enabling Statistics Tracking on an Item

The Statistics Tracking function allows users to collect data on how many times students access a particular page with a content item. This guide will demonstrate how to enable Statistics Tracking for content in Blackboard.

If you want to be able to view activity statistics for an item, you will need to turn Statistics Tracking on. Statistics Tracking will only track activity from the point in time tracking was enabled.

Enabling Statistics Tracking, Part 1

Image of a content item with an arrow pointing to the chevron next to the item with instructions to click the button next to the link.  A menu is visible on screen with Statistics Tracking (on/off) outlined with a red circle with instructions to select Statistics Tracking.

To enable Statistics Tracking, hover over the item you wish to view statistics for and click on the button that appears next to the link and click on Statistics Tracking (On/Off) in the menu.

Enabling Statistics Tracking, Part 2

Image of the Statistics Tracking screen with an arrown pointing to the on and off options to the right of Statistics Tracking with instructions to Select On.  Another arrow points to the Submit button at the bottom of the screen with instructions  to click on sumbit.

You will now see a screen labeled Statistics Tracking.  Select On to turn Statistics Tracking on, and click the Submit button when finished.  


Image of a screen with a green notification bar reading Success: Statistics Tracking for this item successfully updated.  Below the item name is the text Enabled: Statistics Tracking.

When finished, you will see a green bar similar to the one above that reads: Success: Statistics Tracking for this item successfully updated. The text, Enabled: Statistics Tracking will also appear underneath the name of the content item.