Running Statistics Reports on an Item

This guide will demonstrate how to run statistics reports on individual content items.  Please note data is only available from the time when Statistics Tracking is enabled for the item.  Also, this is a report of how many times the page containing the item was opened, not the item itself.

Accessing Statistics Reports

Image of a content item in blackboard, with an arrow pointing to the chevron next to the item name with instructions to click on the chevron.  A menu is also displayed with the View Statistics Report option outlined with a red circle with instructions to choose View Statistics Report.

Log into your Blackboard course, locate the item you wish to run a report on and hover over the name of the item.  Click the button that appears next to the item and choose View Statistics Report from the menu.

Running Statistics Reports

You will now see a screen labeled Course Reports.  Hover over and then click the button next to Content Usage Statistics and choose Run from the menu.

Setting up Report Parameters

You will now see a screen labeled Run Reports.  Report Specifications allows instructors to modify the scope of the report.

  1. Select Format: Select the file format for the report.  The report can be exported to a PDF, HTML, Word, or Excel file
  2. Select a Start Date: Select the start date for the report
  3. Select an End Date: Select the ending date for the report
  4. Select Users: Select the students to run the report on.  Hold down the Control Key (Command Key on Mac) to select multiple students.
  5. When finished, click the Submit button.

Blackboard will then process the report and the report can then be downloaded to your computer.