Creating a Test With Question Sets

This lesson will demonstrate how to create question sets in Blackboard with questions from an existing test or pool.

Creating a Test, Part 1

Image of a Blackboard content area with the assessments button highlighted with instructions to click on assessments.  In the menu under Assessments, the option Test is outlined in a red circle with instru

Log into your Blackboard course, and go to the content area that you would like to add the test to.  At the top of the page, click on Assessment and select Test.

Creating a Test, Part 2

On the next page, labeled Create Test, under Section 1: Add Test, click on the Create button next to Create a New Test

Creating a Test, Part 3

You will now see a screen labeled Test information:

  1. Name: Enter the name for the test here.
  2. Description: Enter a description of the test for students here
  3. Instructions: Enter instructions for the students here
  4. When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Question Set

You will now be on the Test Canvas in Blackboard.  Click on the Reuse Questions button at the top of the screen and select Create Question Set from the menu that appears.

Selecting Questions

You will now see a screen labeled Create Question Set that will allow you to select questions to reuse in the question set:

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box and click Go to search for individual questions,
  2. Browse Criteria: Or click on the links on the left to browse for questions in individual tests, pools, question types, or categories.
  3. Criteria Summary: The selected questions will appear here.
  4. Check the checkboxes (highlighted in yellow in the image above) to the left of the questions you wish to add.
  5. Use the page navigation buttons to select questions from more than one page, or click the Show All button to show all items at once, or click the Edit Paging button to change how many items are displayed on the page..
  6. Selected Questions: The number of selected questions will appear here.
  7. When finished, click the Submit button.


The question set will now be added to the Test Canvas.  If you have multiple questions or question sets, click on the question set and drag it into the desired location in the test.  To update the number of questions displayed to students, click on the number next to Number of Questions to Display and update the number of questions.  To update the point value per question, click on the number next to Points per Question and enter the desired point value. To view, edit, or remove questions within the question set, click on the Questions in the Set link at the bottom of the questions set.