Using Adaptive Release to Release an Item Based on a Previous Grade

These instructions will demonstrate how to use Adaptive Release for restricting access to a test based on the student's grade on a previous graded item.

Setting Up Adaptive Release, Part 1

Image showing a test with an arrow pointing to the expand contextual menu button located next to the test name, with instructions to click the button next to the test.  In the menu, Edit the Test Options is outlined with a red circle with text instructing users to select Adaptive Release.

To access the test options, locate the exam you would like to add exceptions for.  Hover over the name of the test, and click the chevron button that appears next to the test and select Adaptive Release from the menu that appears.

Setting Up Adaptive Release, Part 2

Setting Up Adaptive Release, Part 2

To release an item based on the grade of a previous item, scroll down to the section labeled Grade:

  1. Select a Grade Center Column: Select the prerequisite grade center column you wish to use in order to release the current test to students.  (For example, students must score 80% on the syllabus quiz in order to take Test 1.  In this instance, select the column labeled Syllabus Quiz.  Note: Do not select the column name that corresponds with the current grade item.  Otherwise, students will not be able to access the item.
  2. Select Condition: User has at least one attempt for this item: Select whether to release the item based on the student having a recorded attempt in the prerequisite grade column
  3. Or, select the desired score or percentage grade the student must earn on the prerequisite assessment in order for the student to gain access to the current item.

When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.