Deleting a Link from the Course Menu

This guide will demonstrate how to remove old links from the course menu. Note: Deleting a link is permanent. Any content contained in the link will be deleted as well.

Image of the Blackboard course menu with an arrow pointing to a button for users to click on.

Log into Blackboard and access your Blackboard course.  Hover your cursor next to the link you want to remove, and click on the chevron button that appears next to the link.

Image of the options menu with the following options: Rename Link, Hide Link, and Delete.  Delete is highlighted in a red circle.

Select Delete from the menu that pops up on screen.

Image of a dialog box that reads deleting this content area will permanently delet all the content items within it.  Would you prefer to hide the link to this content area?  There are three options available to the user: Delete Content, Cancel, and Hide the link.  Delete Content is highlighed with a red circle.

A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion. Click on Delete Content to remove the link.  Select Cancel if you no longer want to delete the link.