Uploading a Profile Picture to Blackboard

This guide will demonstrate how to upload a profile picture to Blackboard. For information regarding the pedagogic rationale, check out the step labeled Pedagogical Information.

Upload or Drag and Drop a Profile Picture

Screenshot of silhouette of a generic profile picture

Log on to Blackboard, select your name. Point to the silhouette of your picture and select the pencil icon to upload, change or remove an image.

Screenshot of purple X to close out

1. Select Upload new profile picture to browse for a photo in a file on your computer. Or, drag and drop a file to Upload new profile picture.

2. The image is saved automatically. Select the purple X.

The Profile picture will appear in the roster, discussions, blogs, journals, group activity, and the notification modules.

Pedagogical Information

Benefits for Students

Encouraging your students to add a profile picture or a representative avatar to their Blackboard profile can help to personalize the communications in the course and build community among course members.

Benefits for Faculty

Adding a profile picture or a representative avatar to your Blackboard profile is a great way to help your students connect with you in an online environment, and helps to reinforce a sense of "instructor presence" throughout the term.

When and How

This activity can be included as part of the requirements for first week introductions in a discussion forum (QM 1.9). Contact your instructional designer for guidance.