Organizing/Rearranging and "Freezing" Grade Center Columns

This module will show you how to change the order in which Grade Center Columns appear in the Full Grade Center (grade book) in Blackboard. You can also determine which Columns are "frozen" and will not move from view when scrolling horizontally. Additionally, this module will demonstrate how to show and hide columns from the Grade Center, as well as how to reassign categories.

Step 1 - Accessing the Grade Center (grade book)

Step 1 - Accessing the Grade Center (grade book)

Log into your Blackboard Course, and go to the Control Panel.  Select Grade Center, then Full Grade Center.

Step 2 - Selecting Column Organization

  1. Click the Manage button from the top row of buttons in the Full Grade Center.
  2. Select Column Organization from the menu.

Step 3 - "Freezing" and Rearranging the Order of Columns

  1. Click on the 4-headed arrows to the left of any Grade Center Column and drag it up or down to change the oder in which the columns are viewed.
  2. Click on the 4-headed arrow to the left of the gray bar (labeled Everything above this bar is a frozen column) and drag it up or down to determine which columns will stay fixed when you scroll the Grade Center Columns horizontally.
  3. To select columns, check the checkbox to the left of the column names
  4. To show or hide the selected column(s) from the Grade Center, click the Show/Hide button and choose the desired option.
  5. To change the category of the selected column(s), click the Change Category To button and choose the desired category.
  6. To delete columns, select the Delete button. If the columns are linked to other assessments and cannot be removed, data will be cleared from the selected columns.
  7. Click the Submit button to accept your changes--you will be taken back to the Full Grade Center view and the columns should now appear in the order in which you designated.

Note: To move a column, you must click and drag on the 4-headed arrow--you cannot click and drag on the text associated with the column.