Deleting a Column from the Grade Center

These instructions show how to delete a column from the Grade Center.  Note: Any column that is associated with an assessment such as a test or assignment within Blackboard cannot be deleted without removing the assessment from Blackboard first. Deleting a column is permanent, and any user information in the deleted column will be lost.


Accessing the Full Grade Center

Accessing the Full Grade Center

To access the Full Grade Center, first click on Grade Center in the Control Panel and then select Full Grade Center (shown below).

Deleting a Grade Center Column

  1. Locate the column that you wish to hide, and click on the chevron in the column header.  
  2. Select Delete Column


You will then see a dialog box similar to the one image above that says "Delete this column and all of its associations? This action is final and cannot be undone." Click OK to delete the column.