Creating and Assigning Grade Center Categories

This module will show you how to create and assign Categories to Grade Center Columns. Categories allow similar kinds of assessments to be placed in a single category, which facilitates the creation of Calculated Columns.

Step 1: Accessing the Grade Center

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel open at the Grade Center heading with the following annotations: 1.Click on Grade Center.2.Select Full Grade Center.

Log into your Blackboard course and go the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Grade Center.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

Step 2 - Create a Grade Center Category

  1. Click the Mange button in the gray row of buttons near the top of the Full Grade Center page.
  2. Select Categories from the drop-down menu options.

Step 2a - Click Create Categories

The Categories page allows you to see a list of all existing (default and user defined) categories and which Grade Center Columns have been assigned to those Categories.

To create an new Category, click the Create Category button.

Step 2b - Fill in Create Category Options

  1. Enter a Name for your new Category. (Be careful not to duplicate an existing Category Name or you could end up with two categories with the same name which can lead to confusion later when you assign Categories to your Grade Center Columns.)
  2. Enter a description. (Optional, but can be useful in distinguishing between similarly sounding categories.
  3. Click the Submit button to confirm your new Category settings or click Cancel to abort this operation--you will then be taken back to the Categories page where you can click the OK button to return to the Full Grade Center.

The new Category you just created (as well as existing Categories) will now be available and can be assigned to individual Grade Center Columns by editing the column information.

Step 3 - Assigning a Category to a Grade Center Column

Step 3b - Display Available Categories

Click the No Category button to reveal a drop-down menu of available Category options.

Step 3c - Select the desired Category

Step 3c - Select the desired Category

Select the desired Category to assign to this Grade Center Column from those available on the drop-down list.

Step 3d - Click Submit

Step 3d - Click Submit

Click the Submit button to confirm your Category selection and any other changes you may have made on the Edit Column page. Or click Cancel if you do not wish to apply your Category selection.

Step 3f - Confirmation

Step 3f - Confirmation

If you click the Submit button in the previous step, you will be taken back to the Full Grade Center and there should be a green confirmation bar at the top of the screen informing you that you have successfully edited the Grade Center Column.