Viewing Item Statistics

This guide will demonstrate how to view statistics related to overall performance on an item.

Accessing the Grade Center

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel open at the Grade Center heading with the following annotations: 1.Click on Grade Center.2.Select Full Grade Center.

Log into your Blackboard course and go the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Grade Center.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

Locating the Grade Column

Image of the Grade Center with an arrow pointing to the column header for a test.  Instructions read to click on the chevron that appears in the column header. A menu is shown on screen with the Column Statistics option outlined with a red circle.  An arrow is pointing to this option with instructions to Select Column Statistics.

Locate the grade column for the test in the grade center.  Click on the chevron in the column header, and select Column Statistics from the menu.

Viewing Column Statistics

Viewing Column Statistics

You will now see a screen labeled Column Statistics. This screen shows the item statistics, status distribution, and grade distribution.