Download SPSS via myUT and Install it on your computer

This lesson will demonstrate how to download SPSS from the MyUT portal and install it onto your computer. UT offers both Mac and Windows versions.

Logging into the UTAD Account Manager, Part 1

Go to myUT login page and click on Account Maintenance.

Logging into the UTAD Account Manager, Part 2

On the next page, click on the box labeled "Login to Manage Your Services". If you have forgotten your password, or if it has expired, click on "Forgot UTAD Username/Password or Password Reset"

Downloading SPSS Software, Part 1

You will now see a screen labeled Manage your Services, with a list of links in the main portion of the screen.  Click on the link labeled SPSS for Faculty/Staff.

Downloading SPSS Software, Part 2

Image of the SPSS software download screen with the box containing the links for different operating systems outlined with a red circle.

You will be taken to a screen similar to the one above.  Click on the link for your operating system, download the file, then open and run the file.  The system will then guide you through the installation process.