Date Management

The Date Management tool allows you to easily manage due dates and availability dates for various assessments and assignments in your course. You can make adjustments to all dates at the same time based on a start date or specific offset, or you can adjust individual dates easily from one central location.

Please note that the Date Management tool does not allow users to edit the start/end dates for discussion forums, threads, or wikis inside a group - only the due date can be adjusted.

Please note that using the Date Management tool to change adaptive release dates does not work. Adaptive Release dates must be manually changed within Blackboard.

Access Date Management

Access Date Management

1. Click Course Tools in the Control Panel on the left.

2. When the menu expands, click on Date Management.

Choose Management Option


  1. Use Course Start Date - all content and tool dates adjust by the number of days the dates occur after the course start date
  2. Use Term Info: Use this option to base dates on the current term dates.
  3. Adjust by Number of Days - all content and tool dates adjust from the original date set by the number of days entered
  4. List All Dates for Review - all existing dates will be displayed on one page where you can edit as necessary
  5. Click Start once you have the parameters set up

Processing the Date Management Setting

Once the Date Management setting is processed, click the Next button.

Note: You will receive an automated email verifying that the process is complete.

Editing Individual Dates

If you want to edit individual dates, click the pencil icon on the right to edit the due date, the start date, and the end date for items individually. Otherwise, your dates have been changed and you can exit your course.



1. After clicking the pencil icon, availability start and end dates can be adjusted.

2. To submit answers, click the green check mark.

Adjust Dates Individually or for Groups Based on a Specific Offset

You can also make adjustments to individual assignments or groups of assignments by adjusting their dates based on a specific offset.

  1. Select the assignments you want to adjust.
  2. Click on Adjust Dates
  3. Specify how many days to adjust the date by.
  4. Click Go to apply changes.