Importing a Rubric

This guide will demonstrate how to import a rubric into a Blackboard Learn course.

Accessing Course Rubrics

Image of the Control Panel with the following annotations: 1.Click on Course Tools.2.Select Rubrics.

Log into Blackboard and go to the Control Panel.  

  1. Click on Course Tools.
  2. Select Rubrics

Importing a Rubric

Image of the Rubrics Page with the Import Rubric button outlined with a red circle.

To import a rubric, click the Import Rubric button at the top of the Rubrics page.

Selecting a File to Import

You will now see a screen labeled Import Rubric.  To import a rubric, click on the Browse My Computer button where it says Attach File. After you have selected a file to upload, click the Submit button to upload the file.

Rubric Import Confirmation

After you have imported the rubric, you will see a screen labeled Rubric Import Result, that will show you the results of the import.  Click OK at the bottom of page, and if the import was successful, you will see the imported rubric in the list.