Adding Additional Course Modules to the Course News Page

This guide will demonstrate how to add additional course module boxes to the  Course News page

Accessing the Course News Page

Image of the Blackboard course menu with it outlineed by a red circle, with instrutions to click on Course News

Locate the Course News link in the course menu and click on it.

Adding Course Modules, Part 1

Image of the Course News page with an arrow pointing to the Add Course Module button outlined with a red circle.  Instructions indicate for the user to click on the Add Course Module Button

On the Course News page, click the Add Course Module button in the top right corner of the page.

Adding Course Modules, Part 2

Image of the Add Module page with the available modules listed. an arrow is pointing next to one of the add buttons for a module with instructions to click the Add button to add a module

You will now see a page labeled Add Module that lists all the available modules for adding to the page.  To add modules, locate the modules you wish to add and click the Add button to add the selected modules.  When finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the OK button.

Finishing Up

Image of the Course News page with modules added.

After clicking the OK button, you will be taken back to the Course News page.  You will then see the modules you have added on the page.