Viewing Student Progress

This guide will demonstrate how instructors can see which items students have marked as reviewed within the course.  Additionally, instructors can see the visibility status of a particular item at the current moment in time.  This feature is helpful to determine if students are able to access items with access restricted due to test availability exceptions or adaptive release rules.

Accessing Student Progress

image of a content item in Blackboard with an arrow pointing to the chevron to the right of the item name with instructions to click on the chevron.  A menu is shown on screen, with the User Progress option outlined by a red circle with instructions to select User Progress.

To view students' progress in the course, hover over the item you wish to view user progress for, and click the chevron that appears to the right of the item name.  From the menu that appears, select User Progress.

Viewing Student Progress

You will now see a screen labeled User Progres:

  1. The four columns on the left (Last Name, First Name, Username, and Course Role) list the users enrolled in the course, as well as their user information.
  2. Visibility: This column indicates whether or not the selected item is visible to students at the current moment.  An eye icon indicates that the item is visible to students; an eye with a red slash mark indicates that student is unable to view the item.
  3. Reviewed: This column indicates whether or not students have marked the item as reviewed.  A checkmark indicates the item has been reviewed, while a circle indicates that students have not marked the item as reviewed.