Creating a Self and Peer Assessment

A Self and Peer Assessment is an assessment where students can assess either their own or other students' work.  There are two phases during a Self and Peer Assessment: The Submission Phase and the Evaluation Phase.  During the Submission Phase, students will submit items to be evaluated by themselves or by their peers.  During the Evaluation Phase, students will evaluate samples submitted by their peers.

The ability to edit self and peer assessments depends on the stage in which the assessment is presently in.  A detailed list of restrictions can be accessed here.

It is best to ensure that all settings and questions are correct prior to making the assessment available for student submission and evaluation.

Creating a Self and Peer Assessment

image of a content area with an arrow pointing to Assessments outlined in a red circle with instructions to click on Assessments.  A menu is shown on screen with Self and Peer Assessment outlined in a red circle with instructions to select Self and Peer Assessment.

To create a Self and Peer Assessment, go to the content area you wish to add the assessment to.  Click on Assessments at the top of the page and select Self and Peer Assessment from the menu.

Creating a New Self and Peer Assessment

Image of the Create New or Import section with the New option selected.

In the section labeled Create New or Import, select New.

Setting up the Assessment Information

The section labeled Assessment Information allows instructors to set up instructions for the assessment activity:

  1. Name: Enter a name for the assessment here.
  2. Instructions: Enter a description and instructions for the assessment in the textbox provided.
  3. Submission Dates: Use the time and date selectors to select a starting and ending date for the submission period.

Setting up the Evaluation Period

The section labeled Self and Peer Evaluation Options allows instructors to set up the evaluation period for students.

  1. Evaluation Dates: Use the date and time selectors to select a starting and ending date for the evaluation period.
  2. Allow Anonymous Evaluation: Select Yes to hide student names from evaluators.
  3. Allow Self Evaluation: Select Yes to allow students  to evaluate their own items.
  4. Show Evaluation Results to Submitter: Select Yes to allow the submitter to see the evaluation results.
  5. Number of Submissions to Evaluate: Enter the number of submissions students are required to evaluate.

Setting up Evaluation Availability Options

The section labeled Options allows instructors to modify the availability of the item.

  1. Make the assessment available: Select Yes to permit students to view the assessment link
  2. Track number of views: Select Yes to track the number of times students have accessed the link.
  3. Choose date restrictions: Use the time and date selectors to select a time range in which the link would be visible to students.  Note: Be sure that the assessment is available to students during the submission and evaluation periods set up in the above steps.
  4. When finished, click the Submit button to create the assessment.  You will then be taken to a screen where you can set up the assessment questions.