Enterprise Survey Information for Instructors

Some departments at UT have elected to use the Enterprise Survey tool within Blackboard to distribute online course evaluations.  This guide will explain:

  • How students can access enterprise surveys
  • What students see when they complete the survey
  • How instructors can access survey results

Note: Instructors will not see links to enterprise surveys in their course as an instructor.

Student Evaluation Access

Students can access a course evaluation in the enterprise survey system through one of three methods:

  • Through a notification on the course home page
  • Through a notification in the student's course updates
  • through email to the student's utoledo.edu or rockets.utoledo.edu email account.

Accessing Evaluations through the Course Home Page

Image of a Blackboard course homepage showing a link to an enterprise survey with an arrow pointing to the Take Survey button

Students can access an enterprise survey by clicking on the Take Survey link that appears at the top of the course home page.

Accessing Evaluations through the Blackboard Notification panel

Image of the Blackboard Updates page showing an announcement of an enterprise survey availability with a link to take the survey.

Students can also access links for enterprise surveys through their personal notification panel.  Students can access the notification panel by clicking their name in the upper right corner of Blackboard, and then clicking on the clock icon.  From there, they will see a list of course updates, including links to take enterprise surveys.

Accessing Evaluations through Email

Image of an enterprise survey email message.

In addition, students will also be notified of available enterprise surveys through their utoledo.edu or rockets.utoledo.edu email accounts.  In addition, the enterprise survey system will also send out periodic reminders to students who have not taken the evaluation during the period in which the evaluation is available.

Completing the Survey

Completing the Survey

After students complete the survey, they will see a confirmation email similar to the image above. If faculty wish to give credit to students who have taken the evaluation, they can request that students take a screenshot of this page and then email it to their instructor.

Viewing Survey Results

Image of a Blackboard course home page showing the View Results button for accessing Enterprise survey results.

If enabled by the survey administrator, instructors can access the results of the courses they teach after the survey has been completed.  Instructors will see the frequency data (how many students chose each response) and comments for open-ended questions.  For more information, please see the guide on viewing Enterprise Survey results.