Viewing a Student's Grade Details

This guide will demonstrate how to view a student's Grade Details in Blackboard. Note: The screens and listed options may vary depending on the type of assignment being viewed.

Accessing the Grade Center

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel open at the Grade Center heading with the following annotations: 1.Click on Grade Center.2.Select Full Grade Center.

Log into your Blackboard course and go the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Grade Center.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

Viewing Grade Details

Locate the column that contains the student's submission.  Hover your cursor over the cell that contains the student's submission, and click the chevron that appears in the student's cell and choose View Grade Details from the menu.

Grade Details Overview

You will now see a screen labeled Grade Details:

  1. Current Grade: The selected student's grade or status will appear here.
  2. Exempt: Click the Exempt button to exempt the student from the current item.
  3. View Attempts: Click the View Attempts button to view all attempts for the student.
  4. Attempts: A summary of all the student's attempts will appear on this tab.
  5. Manual Override: This tab allows instructor to override the system grade and provide comments to the student.
  6. Column Details: This tab allows instructors to view overall scores and participation for this assignment.
  7. Grade History: This tab allows instructors to view a log of changes made to the student's grade.
  8. Click the Return to Grade Center button to return to the Grade Center when finished.

Grade Details: Attempts

The Attempts tab allows instructors to view, ignore, or delete individual attempts made by the student:

  1. Date Created: This date shows when the student first created his/her submission
  2. Date Submitted (or Saved): This date shows the when the last change was made to the graded item.
  3. Value: The grade or status of the attempt will be displayed here.
  4. Feedback to Learner: User feedback will appear here.
  5. Grading Notes: Notes made by the instructor will appear here.
  6. Actions: Click the Grade Attempt to view and grade the attempt. Click Clear Attempt to delete the student's attempt. Note: Deleting a student's attempt is permanent. Click Ignore Attempt to ignore the attempt and allow another attempt.  Click Edit Grade to override the attempt grade and enter comments.
  7. Allow Additional Attempt: To allow an additional attempt for the assignment, click the Allow Additional Attempt button.

Note: Options available may vary based on the type of assignment.

Grade Details: Manual Override

Image of the Manual Override tab with the following annotations: 1.Override Grade: Enter a grade value here.2.Feedback to Learner: Enter comments for the user to view here.3.Grading Notes: Enter notes for grading here.  These notes are not visible to the student.4.When finished, click the Save button to save the user's grade.

The Override Grade tab allows instructors to override the final attempt grade for the item and enter comments:

  1. Override Grade: Enter a grade value here.
  2. Feedback to Learner: Enter comments for the user to view here.
  3. Grading Notes: Enter notes for grading here.  These notes are not visible to the student.
  4. When finished, click the Save button to save the user's grade.

Grade Details: Column Details

The Column Details tab shows the column name, description, primary display, user visibility, inclusion in calculations, average score, and the median score for the column.

Grade Details: Grade History

Image of the Grade History tab in the Grade Details screen.

The Grade History tab shows a history of all submissions and grading changes made.  To view the full history, click the View Complete History button.