Modifying Notification Settings

This guide will allow instructors to modify notification settings for occurrences in Blackboard. Instructors can choose to receive email notifications for changes, either once a day or right away.

Notification Settings are personal to your Blackboard, making changes to the settings will not change settings for students.

Accessing Notification Settings, Part 1

Screenshot of profile page

1. Stream notifications are notifications that show up in Activity Stream.

2. Email notifications allows how you want to receive an email about new notifications.

3. Push notifications allows to receive notifications on theBlackboard app using a phone or tablet.

Stream Notifications

Select the arrow to expand more options to manage notifications.

Screenshot of stream notifications

These notifications will appear in your Activity Stream. To stop from receiving a particular notification, deselect the check box.

1. Select Save.

2. Select the purple X to close out.

Email Notifications

Screenshot of notification settings

1. Email me right away instructors will be notified when a new activity has been updated.

2. Email me once a day instructors will be notified by 1 email per day of all activity that has been updated.

3. All of these activity notifications will be in the email that is sent to instructors. To stop receiving updates, deselect the green check box.

4. Select Save.

5. Select the purple X to close out.

Push Notifications

Screenshot of notification settings

1. By default, push notifications are not selected. To receive notifications to theBlackboard app on a phone or a tablet, select the. check box of the activity you want to receive.

2. Select Save.

3. Select the purple X to close.

Accessing Notifications, Part 2

Screenshot of gear icon for settings

Instructors can also access notification settings in the Activity Stream by select the gear icon at the top right.