Setting Up and Editing Simple Adaptive Release Rules

This guide will demonstrate how to set up and edit simple Adaptive Release rules in Blackboard.

Items with Adaptive Release enabled will have the following text appear under the item name: Enabled: Adaptive Release.

Enabling Adaptive Release for Content

Image of a content item in blackboard with the contextual menu button appearing to the right of it. below the item is a menu on screen. Instructions on screen show an arrow pointing to the contextual menu button with instructions to click the button next to the item name. In the menu, the Adaptive Release option is highlighted with a red circle and an arrow is pointing to it. Instructions indicate to click on Adaptive Release

To enable or edit simple Adaptive Release settings for a content item, hover over the item, and click the button that appears to the right of the item title. From the menu that appears on screen, select Adaptive Release.

Setting up Adaptive Release Criteria Based on Date

Image of the Adaptive Release settings screen showing the heading Adaptive Release, the current Content Status for the item, and the date section showing a selector for the beginning and ending date and time selectors.

You will now see a screen labeled Adaptive Release. The Content Status description at the top of the page provides an explanation of the availability of the item.

Note: It is recommended to leave the availability date restrictions open on the main content item if you wish to use the adaptive release date feature. Otherwise, the dates may come in conflict and the item may not be available during the time specified.

Note: In order for students to have access to the item in question, the option Make item available/Allow students to view this content should be set to Yes. Otherwise, students will not be able to access the item.

Setting up Adaptive Release Criteria Based on Membership

The Membership section allows users to restrict access to specific users or groups

  1. To select individual users, click the Browse button to bring up a list of individual users to select.
  2. To select groups, select the name of the group(s) in the left column, click the right-facing arrow button in the center, and selected groups will appear in the right column.

Selecting students

You will now see a screen labeled Add Users:

  1. Search: Use the search bar and the criterion selectors to search for a specific user to add and click Go to search.
  2. The list of course users will appear here.
  3. Check the checkboxes to select the users you wish to add.
  4. Use the page navigation buttons to navigate between multiple pages.
  5. Click the Show All button to show all users on one page.
  6. Click the Edit Paging button to manage how many users are listed per page (maximum: 200 per page)
  7. When finished, click the Submit button to add the users to the group.  

After clicking Submit, you will then be returned to the Edit Group Screen, and the students will have been added to the list of group members.

Setting up Adaptive Release Criteria Based on Grade

The Grade section allows users to specify release criteria for an item based on students' performance on a previous item.

  1. Select a Grade Center Column: Use the dropdown menu to select a grade column as a basis for releasing the item to students. Note: If you are setting up an Adaptive Release rule for an assessment, selecting the column that corresponds to the assessment will prevent students from being able to access the content:

Select Condition: You can release the item to students following a specific performance condition:

  1. User has at least one attempt for this item: Selecting this option will release the content when students have an attempt or grade recorded in the prerequisite grade column
  2. The first set of radio buttons allows users to release the item if students achieve a score or percent greater than, less than or equal to, or equal to the stated value.
  3. The second set of radio buttons allows users to specify a score or percentage range that students must score within in order to release the content.

Setting up Adaptive Release Criteria Based on Review Status

The Review Status section allows users to release an item based on whether or not students have marked another item in the course as Reviewed. To select an item, click the Browse button. Once you have finished setting up your Adaptive Release rule, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.