Editing Advanced Adaptive Release Rules

This guide will demonstrate how to edit existing Advanced Adaptive Release rules.

Editing Adaptive Release Rules for Content

Image of a content item in blackboard with the contextual menu button appearing to the right of it. below the item is a menu on screen. Instructions on screen show an arrow pointing to the contextual menu button with instructions to click the button next to the item name. In the menu, the Adaptive Release: Advanced option is highlighted with a red circle and an arrow is pointing to it. Instructions indicate to click on Adaptive Release: Advanced

To enable or edit advanced Adaptive Release settings for a content item, hover over the item, and click the button that appears to the right of the item title. From the menu that appears on screen, select Adaptive Release: Advanced.

Editing a Criteria

You will now see the Manage Criteria screen for the selected Rule. To edit a specific criteria, hover over the rule you wish to edit, and click the contextual menu button that appears to the right of the criterion name. From the menu that appears, select Edit. You will then be able to edit the criteria for the specific rule.