Modifying or Deleting a Calendar Event

Modifying an Event

Screenshot of calendar day view

1. Select Calendar.

2. Select the link of the event to edit or delete.

Screenshot of edit office hours

1. Select the Start and End date and times.

2. Choose to have the event All Day or Repeat.

3. Select End After Occurrences and select how many occurrences.

4. Type in a Location, URL, or both.

5. Type in a Description of the event.

6. Select Save.

Changes to an event will change in all students calendars who are in that course.

Deleting an Event

Screenshot of remove event

1. Select the trash can icon to delete the event.

2. A pop up message will ask you to confirm, select Delete.

Deleting an event will delete it off of all students calendars that are attending that course.