Accessing Tasks

The Tasks tool is used to organize projects or activities (referred to as Tasks) by defining task priorities and tracking Task statuses.

Accessing Tasks Through the Control Panel

Accessing task from control managment

Click on Course Tools. When the menu expands, click Tasks.

To give students access to Tasks, or to provide an alternative method for accessing Tasks yourself, you can add a link to the Course Menu. The following steps will demonstrate how to do so.

To add a task link to the course directly, click on the Plus button on the left menu section and select Tool Link.

Click the + sign in the upper-right corner above the menu, and select Tool Link.

An Add Tool Link box apprears. Add a name and type as "Task" to the options and hit submit.

1. Type a name for the link.

2. From the drop-down menu for Type, select Tasks.

3. Select the Available to Users check box.

4. Click Submit.

Viewing List of Tasks

Once cliking 'task' the course task are diaplayed on the right wuth the creating, editing and deleting option. \

Whether you access Tasks through the Control Panel or through a Tool Link added to the menu, you will see the Tasks page with a list of Tasks, their priority, due date, and how many students have started/completed each Task.