Viewing Achievements and Recipients

This guide will demonstrate how to view which students have earned each Achievement.

Accessing Course Achievements

Image of the control panel with the course tools section expanded to show the list of options available.

Under the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Course Tools to expand this section.
  2. Select Achievements from the list of options.

Viewing Course Achievements

Image of the Achievements screen in Blackboard listing all course achievements.  An arrow points to a link labeled Recipients to the right of an achievement, with instructions indicating to click on Recipients.

You will now see a screen labeled Achievements that lists all course Achievements. To view which students have completed a specific achievement, locate the Achievement you wish to view and click the Recipients link to the right of the achievement.

Viewing Recipients

Image of the recipients dialog box showing the names and dates of students who have completed the achievement.

You will now see a dialog box labeled Recipients of (Achievement Name) that lists the names of students who have completed the Achievement, as well as the date when the student completed the Achievement.