Reconciling Grades for Items with Delegated Grading Enabled

The Delegated Grading feature in Blackboard allows grading responsibilities to be shared between multiple instructors or teaching assistants.  In addition, a student's submission can then be graded by multiple instructors.  Grades for items with Delegated Grading are marked as provisional until the grades are reconciled by a user with instructor access.  This guide will demonstrate how to reconcile grades for Delegated Grading Assignments.

Accessing the Grade Center

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel open at the Grade Center heading with the following annotations: 1.Click on Grade Center.2.Select Full Grade Center.

Log into your Blackboard course and go the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Grade Center.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

Reconciling Grades, Part 1

Image of the Full Grade Center with an arrow pointing to the chevron button in the column header with instructions to click in the chevron in the column header.  A menu is shown on screen with teh Reconcile Grades option highlighted with a red circle.  An arrow points to this option, with instructions to select Reconcile Grades.

You will now see the Full Grade Center.  Locate the column you wish to reconcile grades for and click the chevron in the column header.  Select the Reconcile Grades option in the menu. Also, students whose grades require reconciliation will be marked with a blue +/- symbol in the Grade Center.

Reconciling Grades, Part 2

You will now see a screen labeled Reconcile Grades:

  1. Attempts: The names of students who have attempted the item will appear in the left column.
  2. To view a student's attempt and any feedback issued by graders, hover over the student you wish to view and click the button that appears to the right of the student's name.
  3. Graders: The list of graders who are assigned to grade students's attempt will appear in the middle column.  Grades and comments issued by graders will appear here.  
  4. Final Grade: Students' final grades will be listed in the right column. Students who do not have a final grade will be indicated by a +/- symbol.  This symbol indicates that the student's grade needs to be reconciled. To reconcile a grade, click on the +/- icon for the student you wish to reconcile

Viewing a Single Student's Attempts and Comments

You will now see a screen similar to the one above:

  1. To view a different student's attempt, use the dropdown menu to select the attempt you wish to view.
  2. To view the student's submission, click on the View Attempt button.
  3. Add Feedback: To add feedback for the student, click the Add Feedback link.
  4. Provisional Grades and Feedback: Any grades or feedback provided by graders will appear here.
  5. Click the View Rubric button to view the rubric used by the grader.
  6. Final Grade: Click on the Final Grade button to view the highest, lowest and average provisional grade.  You can either click on one of the grades, or manually type in a new grade.

Reconciling Grades, Part 3

Reconciling Grades, Part 3

You will then see the lowest, average, and highest grade entered.  You can click on the grade you wish to assign, or type in a new grade in the space provided and hit the enter key on your keyboard to save the grade.  This grade will then be shown to students under My Grades.