Deleting Groups

This guide will demonstrate how to delete old groups from your course. Note: Deleting a group is a permanent action, and all group interactions will be lost.

Accessing the Groups Tool

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel with the following annotations: 1.Click on Users and Groups.2.Then click on Groups.

Log into Blackboard and go to the Control Panel.  

  1. Click on Users and Groups.
  2. Then click on Groups.

Deleting Groups

Image of the Groups list, with an arrow and a number 1 pointing to the checkbox to the left of the group name. The number 2 has an arrow that points to the bulk actions button at the bottom of the list, and there is a menu on screen with the Create Grade Center Smart view option outlined in a red circle with a number 3

On the Groups screen,

  1. Check the checkboxes to the left of the groups you wish to create smart views for.
  2. Hover over the button labeled Bulk Actions
  3. Select the option Delete Group

Confirmation, Part 1

Image of the Blackboard dialog box with the following text: The page at says: Thsi action is final and cannot be undone. Would you like to continue? The dialog box then gives a Cancel and an OK button.

After selecting the Delete option, you will see a dialog box pop up on screen with the following message:

The page at says:

This action is final and cannot be undone. Would you like to continue?

To delete the groups, select the OK button. If you wish to keep the groups, select the Cancel button.

Confirmation, Part 2

Image of the green confirmation message reading Success: Groups Deleted from course.

Once you have confirmed the deletion of the group, you will be taken back to the Groups page, and you should see the following message at the top of the screen: Success: Groups Deleted from course.