Aligning Goals to Content

This guide will demonstrate how to align goals to content items and assessments.

Adding Alignments to a Content Item

Image of a content item with an arrow pointing to the contextual menu button to the right of the item name, with instructions to click on the contextual menu button. A menu is shown on screen, with an arrow pointing to the Add Alignments option, with instructions indicating to click on Add Alignments.

To align a content item or assessment with a course goal, hover over the item you wish to add an alignment for and click the contextual menu button that appears to the right of the content item name. Select the Add Alignments option from the menu that appears.

Selecting Goals

You will now see a screen labeled Discover Goals. To add a goal:

  1. Use the Browse Criteria menu on the left to narrow down available goals using specified criteria.
  2. Criteria Summary: Goals that meet your selected criteria will appear on the right. Use the checkboxes next to each goal to select goals.
  3. Click the Submit button to align the goal with the content.

Finishing Up

After aligning a goal to a content item, the goal information will be shown below the item.

  1. Click the red X button to remove the goal from the item.
  2. Click on the second button to change the visibility of the goal to students.