Creating a File Response Question

This guide will demonstrate how to create a File Response question in Blackboard. A File Response question allows students to upload a file from their computer.

Selecting a Question Type

With the Test Canvas open, Click on Create Question and select File Response from the menu.

Entering the Question Information

  1. Question Title: Enter a title for the question here (optional).
  2. Question Text: Enter your question text here.
  3. Rubric: Click Add Rubric to attach an interactive rubric for grading. Please refer to the Rubrics section for more information on creating Rubrics)

Editing Categories and Instructor Notes

  1. Categories and Keywords: Click the Add button to add tags for Categories, Topics, Levels of Difficulty, and Keywords.
  2. Instructor Notes: Enter any notes in this field here. Only instructors can view information entered here.
  3. Cancel: Click Cancel to discard the question
  4. Submit and Create Another: Click this button to save the question and create another question of the same type.
  5. Submit: Click this button to save the question and return to the test canvas.


The question you created will now appear on the test canvas. Click the Points value to change the number of points.