Creating a Quiz Bowl Question

This guide will demonstrate how to create a Quiz Bowl question in Blackboard. In a Quiz Bowl question, students are presented with an answer phrase and must respond in the form of a question.


Display: Country Coterminous with a Continent

Response: What is Australia?

Selecting a Question Type

With the Test Canvas open, Click on Create Question and select Quiz Bowl from the menu.

Entering the Question Information

To set up a quiz bowl question:

  1. Question Title: Enter a title for the question (optional)
  2. Question Text: Enter your question phrase here.
  3. Allow Partial Credit: Check this box to allow a percentage of total points if the answer contains at least one specified answer phrase but none of the specified interrogatives.

Entering Interrogatives

  1. Number of Interrogatives: Specify the number of interrogatives to allow for credit (e.g. who, when, how, why, what, where)
  2. Interrogatives: Enter each interrogative in the space provided.
  3. To remove an interrogative, click the Remove button.
  4. Number of Answer Phrases: Select the number of answer phrases that must be included to count as correct.
  5. Answer Phrases: Enter the answer phrases in the space provided.
  6. To remove an answer phrase, click the Remove button.


Entering Feedback Information

  1. Correct Response Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students when students respond correctly.
  2. Incorrect Response Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students when students respond incorrectly.
  3. Categories and Keywords: Click the Add button to add tags for Categories, Topics, Levels of Difficulty, and Keywords.
  4. Instructor Notes: Enter any notes in this field here. Only instructors can view information entered here.
  5. Cancel: Click Cancel to discard the question
  6. Submit and Create Another: Click this button to save the question and create another question of the same type.
  7. Submit: Click this button to save the question and return to the test canvas.


question creation confirmation

The question you created will now appear on the test canvas. Click the Points value to change the number of points.