Creating a Short Answer Question

This guide will demonstrate how to create a Short Answer question in Blackboard. A short answer question is similar to an Essay question, but only accommodates a maximum of six lines for an answer.

Selecting a Question Type

With the Test Canvas open, Click on Create Question and select Short Answer from the menu.

Entering and Answer Information

To create a Short Answer question:

  1. Question Title: Enter a title for the question (optional)
  2. Question Text: Enter your question text here.
  3. Number of rows displayed: Select the number of rows to display in the answer field to students (maximum 6 rows)
  4. Answer Text: Enter a sample answer for students (optional)
  5. Add Rubric: Click this button to add a new interactive rubric or link to an existing rubric (See the Rubrics chapter for more details)

Entering Category Information

Categories and Keywords allows instructors to provide additional metadata tags to the question to allow questions to be easily searchable.

  1. Categories: Click Add to enter category tags for the question.
  2. Topics: Click Add to enter tags based on topics that are covered in the course for the question.
  3. Levels of Difficulty: Click Add to enter tags based of the level of difficulty of the question.
  4. Keywords: Click Add to enter keywords for the question.
  5. Instructor Notes allows instructors to enter notes regarding the question.  These notes are not visible to students.
  6. When finished, click the Submit and Create Another button to create another question of the same question type, or click the Submit button to return to the Test Canvas.


The question you created will now appear on the test canvas. Click the Points value to change the number of points.