Exporting a Test, Survey or Pool

This lesson will demonstrate how to export a test in Blackboard as a .zip archive that can then be reused in another course site.  These intructions will refer to Tests.  For surveys and pools, please substitute "survey" or "pool" for test.  Note:  This process may not work for tests that contain question sets.

Accessing Course Tests, Part 1

Image of the Control Panel with the following annotations: 1.Click on Course Tools.2.Select Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Log into Blackboard and go to the Control Panel.  

  1. Click on Course Tools.
  2. Select Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Accessing Course Tests, Part 2

Image of the Tests, Surveys and Pools menu with the option Tests outlined with a red circle with instructions to click on Tests.

You will then be taken to a screen labeled Tests, Surveys, and Pools.  On this screen, select Tests.

Exporting a Test

Image of the tests list with a test name highlighted with instructions to point on the button that appears next to the test name.  Below the test is a menu with the Edit option outlined with a red circle with instructions to Select Copy.

You will now see a list of all the tests in the course site.  Hover over the test in the list you wish to export and click the chevron button next to the test.  Select the option from the menu that appears labeled Export.  You will then be asked to save the file to your computer, so select a location that is easily accessible.  The test will be saved as a .zip file that can be reimported into another Blackboard course. To import the test into another course, please refer to the guide on Importing a Test, Survey, or Pool.