Creating a Content Folder

A well-organized course is very important in ensuring student success in an online or blended course.  Folders allow instructors to place similar content items together, for example, instructors can group lectures and articles for a single chapter into one folder.  This lesson will explain how to create a content folder in your course.

Creating a Content Folder

Image of the Build Content Menu with Build Content highlighted with a #1 and Content Folder highlghted with a #2

Log into Blackboard and access the content area in which you would like to create a folder in, such as a Course Units folder for grouping content by unit.  Please refer to the guide titled Creating a Content Area for more information on how to create a content area.  To upload your document:

  1. Click on Build Content at the top of the page.
  2. Choose Content Folder from the menu that appears.

Setting up the Folder Information

You will now see a screen labeled Create Content Folder. The section labeled Content Folder Information allows instructors to create a content folder:

  1. Name: Enter the name of the folder here.
  2. Color of Name: Select the desired color for the folder link.
  3. Text: Enter a description for the folder in the text box.

Setting Up the Content Folder Availability

In the section labeled Standard Options, you can set the visibility of the folder to students:

  1. Permit Users to View this Content: Select Yes to allow students to view the web link.
  2. Track Number of Views: Select Yes to record the number of times students view the link.
  3. Select Date and Time Restrictions: Use the date and time pickers for the Display After and Display Until dates to restrict the time period in which students can view the content.
  4. When finished, click the Submit button to create the web link.