Creating a Grade Column

This module will show you how to manually insert a Grade Column into the Full Grade Center (grade book). Blackboard automatically creates a Grade Column for every item (test, assignment, discussion, etc.) that you designate as graded or that is graded automatically. However, there may be times that you wish to record data on student performance that was not graded automatically, in which case you can create a Grade Column and then enter the information manually.

Step 1 - Access the Full Grade Center

Access the Full Grade Center from the Control Panel

To access the Full Grade Center:

  1. Click on Grade Center in the Control Panel to reveal the drop-down menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu options under Grade Center, select (click on) Full Grade Center.

Step 2 - Create Column

Step 2 - Create Column

Click on the Create Column located in the gray row of buttons near the top of the page--you should now see the Create Grade Column screen shown in Step 3 below.

Step 3 - Fill in the Create Grade Column Options

Step 3a - Fill in the Column Information

Step 3a - Fill in the Options in Section #1 (Column Information)

Fill in the following information in section 1. Column Information:

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the Column. Note that if a Column Name is not entered, only the first 15 characters of this name are displayed in the Full Grade Center.
  2. Enter the Grade Center Name--this might be a shorted version (15 characters or less) of the Column Name in preceding step.
  3. This option text Description can help other instructors and TAs identify the Grade Column.
  4. Primary Display is the grade format shown in the Grade Center and to students. Options include Score, Text, Percentage, Letter, and Complete/Incomplete.
  5. The Secondary Display option shows the grade format in the Grade Center only. The Secondary Display is denoted by parentheses and is shown just to the immediate right of the Primary Display in the same grade cell. Note: students will not be able to see the secondary score when viewing their grades--only the primary score is shown to them.
  6. Category is a way to classify Grade Center Columns and can be used to create Smart Views that focus the view of Grade Center data or to create Calculated Columns. Select No Categories to remove all Category associations.
  7. Points Possible is required and you must enter a numeric value.
  8. Associated Rubrics allows you to create or select a grading Rubric that is associated with this Grade Column.

Step 3b - Fill in the Due Date and Options

Step 3b - Fill in the Options in section 2. Dates and 3. Options
  1. Check the box and enter a date to create a due date for the column (optional).
  2. Select Yes to include the column in any future Grade Center calculations. For example, the default Total column, will automatically (unless otherwise specified) include the scores from all columns for which this option has been set to Yes.
  3. Select Yes to release column data to students. If this is set to No, then students will not be able to see their score for this column in the My Grades area.
  4. Select Yes to release the class mean and median to your students (in addition to their own score).
  5. Click Submit to create the column. Your new grade column will appear as the last (rightmost) column in the Full Grade Center. Your new Grade Column will now appear as the last (rightmost) column in the Full Grade Center. If you wish to change the position of this column, see Organizing/Rearranging Grade Center Columns.