Enabling Review Status

Review Status allows students to mark items that they have reviewed.  This feature provides a benefit for students, as students can mark which items in the course they have reviewed, so they can focus on items they have not yet reviewed.  In addition, the course instructor can also see which items students have reviewed by reviewing the students' user progress.

Accessing Statistics Reports

Image of a content item in blackboard, with an arrow pointing to the chevron next to the item name with instructions to click on the chevron.  A menu is also displayed with the View Statistics Report option outlined with a red circle with instructions to choose Set Review Status

Log into your Blackboard course, locate the item you wish to run a report on and hover over the name of the item.  Click the button that appears next to the item and choose Set Review Status from the menu.

Setting Review Status

Image of the Review Status screen with an arrow pointing to the Enable option next to the Review section with instructions to select Enable.  At the bottom right corner, there is a Submit button with an arrow pointing to the button with instructions to click Submit.

You will now see a screen labeled Review Status.  To enable Review status, locate the item labeled Review and select Enable.  When finished, click the Submit button.


Image of a Blackboard content area with a message reading The Review Status was updated successfully in a green bar at the top of the screen.

Upon enabling Review Status for an item, a green bar will appear across the top of the screen, indicating that the review status was updated successfully. In addition, Enabled: Review Status will appear below the item name.