Editing Grade Column Information

This guide will demonstrate how to edit column information for an existing column.  Note: The available options may appear different based on the type of assignment the column is associated with.

Accessing the Grade Center

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel open at the Grade Center heading with the following annotations: 1.Click on Grade Center.2.Select Full Grade Center.

Log into your Blackboard course and go the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Grade Center.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.

Editing a Grade Center Column

To edit a column in the Full Grade Center:

  1. Locate the column you wish to edit and click the chevron in the column header.
  2. Select Edit Column Information from the menu.

Editing the Column Information

Note: Columns for different assignment types may have different available options.

You will now see a screen labeled Edit Column.  The section labeled Column Information allows you to edit the following information:

  1. Item Name: Click here to change the column name for manually created columns.  Users are unable to change the name of other types of assignments here.  Instead, users must edit the information for the assignment in question.
  2. Grade Center Name: (Optional) Instructors can enter a different name for the item that would appear in the Grade Center column header.
  3. Description: Enter a description for the column here.
  4. Primary Display: Use the dropdown menu to change how grades are displayed to students and the Grade Center.  This option will also change how grades are entered in the column. The available options are Score, Percentage, Complete/Incomplete, Text, or the names of created grading schemas. (See instructions here on how to create a Grading Schema)
  5. Secondary Display: Instructors can chose to display grades for an item in a secondary format along with the primary display of grades.  Note: The secondary display is shown within the Grade Center only and is not visible to students. The available options are Score, Percentage, Complete/Incomplete, Text, or the names of created grading schemas. (See instructions here on how to create a Grading Schema)
  6. Score Attempts Using: Use this dropdown menu to determine how to grade items with multiple attempts; The available options are Last Graded Attempt, Highest Grade, Lowest Grade, First Graded Attempt, or Average of Graded Attempts.
  7. Category: Use this dropdown menu to assign the column to a specific category.
  8. Points Possible: Enter the desired number of points possible for the assignment here.
  9. Add Rubric: Click the Add Rubric button to add a rubric to the assignment.  For more information on adding Rubrics, please refer to this guide on associating rubrics.

Editing the Due Date

Image of the Dates section.

The section labeled Dates allows instructors to modify the due date for the grade column.

Editing the Column Options

Options allows you to modify the following items:

  1. Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations: Select Yes to include the column in any future Grade Center calculations. For example, the default Total column, will automatically (unless otherwise specified) include the scores from all columns for which this option has been set to Yes.
  2. Show this Column to Students: Select Yes to release column data to students. If this is set to No, then students will not be able to see their score for this column in the My Grades area.
  3. Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to students in My Grades: Select Yes to release the class mean and median to your students (in addition to their own score).
  4. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page when finished to create the column.