Adding A YouTube Video to Blackboard

The Mashups tool in Blackboard allows instructors to link a YouTube video directly to their Blackboard class.  The instructions below will demonstrate how to add a YouTube video to your course site.

Note: Blackboard has acknowledged an issue with the YouTube Mashup tool in which the tool throws an error when users attempt to search for a video. If this happens, you can create a web link to the desired video.

Adding a YouTube Video

Image of the Build Content Menu with Build Content highlighted with a #1 and YouTube Video highlghted with a #2

Log into Blackboard and access the content area in which you would like to add a YouTube video to.  Please refer to the guide titled Creating a Content Area for more information on how to create a content area.  To upload your document:

  1. Click on Build Content at the top of the page.
  2. Choose YouTube Video from the menu under Mashups.

Search for a YouTube Video

You will now see a screen labeled Search for a YouTube Video.  To search for a video, enter the title of the YouTube video you would like to add, select the search term, and click Go to search for the video

Selecting Your Video

A list of videos that match your search criteria will now appear on the screen, along with a description of the video. Locate the video you wish to add and then click Select to add the video to Blackboard.

If the video for which you searched does not appear, please see the Embedding a YouTube Video guide for an alternative method of adding a YouTube video to Blackboard.

Setting up the Content Information

The section labeled Add YouTube Content to Course will allow you to edit the link description within the course:

  1. Name: The name of the video will be populated in this field by default, or the link name can be changed here.
  2. Color of Name: The color of the name link can be changed by using the color selector.
  3. Description: A description of the link can be entered here.


Setting up the YouTube Mashup Options

Mashup Options allows you to modify how the YouTube video appears to students in the course environment.

  1. View: This dropdown menu provides the following choices for displaying the video in the course: Thumbnail, Text link with player, and Embed Video.
  2. Show YouTube URL:  Selecting Yes will show the URL to students so they can access the video outside the course.
  3. Show YouTube Information: Selecting Yes will show the video title, duration, video creator and the date the video was added to YouTube.


Adding File Attachments

Image of Section 3: Attachments with the Browse My Computer and Browse Course buttons highlighted with a red circle.

Attachments allows you to upload a file to the mashup.  Click on the Browse Local Files Button to upload a file from your computer, or click the Browse Course Files button to upload a file that has already been added to the course.

Setting up the Availability Options

Standard Options allows you to modify the availability of the YouTube video to students within the course.

  1. Permit Users to View this Content: Select Yes to allow students to access the content.
  2. Track Number of Views: Select Yes to track how many times students access the link.
  3. Select Date and Time Restrictions.  Select the beginning and ending availability dates using the date and time pickers to limit student visibility of the video to a specified time frame.
  4. When finished, click the Submit button to create the video mashup.

If you require your students to upload a YouTube video from their desktop, you might want to share the following link with your students, as it gives navigation on how to upload a video from desktop to YouTube and then publish them to blackboard.