View Messages

In this article, instructors will be able to view messages

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of left navigation panel

1. Blackboard will indicate an unread message with a red dot on the messages tab on the left navigation panel.

2. Each course has a direct link to course messages.

3. Under the course link, Blackboard will display how many unread messages for that course.

Instructors can select the direct link to the course and it will open to the unread message or select the 1 unread message and direct link to the unread message.

Image of Messages

1. The name of the student and also direct link to the message.

2. To: will indicate all senders and recipients on the message.

3. A quick view of the message body.

View Message and Reply

Image of student name

Select the students name for a direct link to the message.

Image of replying to a message

1. Select the check box to have an email copy sent to recipients UT Rockets email.

2. Type the body of the message in the message box.

3. Select Reply

Add Another Recipient to a Message

Image of plus sign in circle

Instructors can add more recipients to a message by selecting the plus sign within a circle.

Image of adding recipient to message

1. Type in the name of the recipient to add to the message.

2. Check the box to have a copy sent to their UT Rockets email.

3. Type in the body of the message in the message box.

4. Select Reply.