Editing Questions and Assessment Elements

This guide will demonstrate how to edit questions in Blackboard Learn Ultra Assessments.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Accessing your Assessment

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course Content with Assessment Link outlined.

Access your Blackboard Learn Ultra Course site and locate your assessment. Click on the assessment title to view the assessment.

Editing a Question or Element

Image of an assessment question with arrows pointing to the following items: 1. Meu

To edit a question or assignment element:

  1. Click on the [ยทยทยท] Menu button to open the menu to edit the desired question.
  2. Edit: Click the Edit option to modify the item.
  3. Align with Goal: Click this link to align the question with a goal. This option is not available for text elements or file attachments.
  4. Delete: Click the Delete button to delete the item.

Modifying Point Values

image of an arrow pointing to the point value for a question.

To edit point values for a question, click on the point value and enter a new point value and click Save when finished.

Moving a Question or Item

Image pointing to move icon.

To move an item, hover over the item you wish to move and click on the up and down arrow button and drag the item to the desired location.